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Beef consommé with meat and celestýnské noodles         60 CZK

Slovak cabbage soup with dried plums      66 CZK    


Main courses

150 g Beef meat with vegetable-cream sauce, dumplings      195 CZK

150 g Pork tenderloin with pepper sauce, spinach and grenaille potatoes      280 CZK

600 g Marinated pork ribs, horseradish, mustard, bread       275 CZK

150 g Beef goulash, bread      180 CZK

1/4 Roasted duck, dumplings, steamed white and red cabbage     280 CZK

200 g Potato pancake filled with smoked meat and steamed cabbage      180 CZK

150 g Zander fish baked with butter and herbs, red lentils      270 CZK

150 g Fried chicken schnitzel, mashed potatoes       180 CZK

250 g Potato dumplings "halušky" with bryndza cheese and bacon       180 CZK


3 pcs Homemade pancakes with fruit and cream      100 CZK

1 pc Chocolat cake, whipped cream      70 CZK



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